Avoid The Landfills

Anything we do not recycle – glass, paper, metals, household waste – goes into a landfill. A landfill is a giant hole in the ground into which trash is dumped. Whether the material put into landfills is deemed biodegradable or not, it does not break down in a landfill.
Why? Landfills put in large amounts of waste and then put a small amount of earth over the waste and compact it by running large equipment over the area. Without oxygen and earth, the microorganisms that we count on to breakdown the waste do not exist. When landfills have been excavated newspapers were found that were 50 years old and they were still readable. Photodegradable products mean they must be exposed to sunlight, once put into a landfill will never breakdown because they are never exposed to sunlight.

Metals obviously are not going to be broken down in a landfill and therefore need to be recycled and can earn you money. Contact us at Carbide Recycling Co. (248-926-5570) to see how we can help you save the earth and earn a little something in return