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Carbide Recycling Company Specializing in the Recycling of Tungsten Carbide ,
Hard Scrap and Grinding Sludge.


Stalloy Metals Inc

A note from the President of Carbide Recycling Co.
If you were a former supplier or customer of Stalloy Metals Inc. or are looking for their website, we ask you to consider the following information:

The scrap metal recycling industry has been hit particularly hard over the past year or so due to the economic environment and dramatically changing market conditions.. We’ve witnessed friends and colleagues regrettably face lay-offs, cutbacks, and even bankruptcy. Our industry is a friendly, but competitive one. If you were a supplier of Stalloy Metals, I ask that you consider Carbide Recycling Company as a source for your scrap metal recycling needs. We promise to do our very best to earn your business and provide you with the absolute best services and highest prices.

Carbide Recycling Co. has been in business in the Detroit, Michigan area over 25 years. We specialize in the recycling of Tungsten Carbide hard scrap and grinding sludge and purchase scrap carbide from every state in the USA, Canada and dozens of countries world wide. In addition to tungsten carbide, we also purchase scrap High Speed Steel, Nickel, Tungsten and Cobalt alloys.

Our trucks pickup scrap material in Michigan and Ohio at no charge. Also, we accept freight collect shipments per our specific shipping instruction. Payment terms are usually immediate upon receipt, inspection and weight verification of material. We are Dun & Bradstreet listed and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

I encourage you to pursue our website for additional information about our company. Please contact our office should you require a current price quote, have shipping questions or are ready for a pickup. Trade and bank references are available upon request.

Sincerely yours,
Richard Waldorf,
(800) 526-3505

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Common metals and alloys Carbide Recycling Company purchases.

•Medical •Machining •Aircraft parts •Ships & Freighters

•Stellite HS 25 •HS 31 •HS 6 •HS 12 •HS 21 - Machining and high temp. applications Star-J & Tantung - Blades •Machining and tooling F75 - Body part replacement •Hi Temp applications.
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• Balls • bars • blades • blanks • boring tools • bullets • burrs • buttons • canning dies • circuit board drills • circular tools • cobalt binder scrap
• compacts • cut offs • cutting tips • cutting tools • dies • dovetail tools • draw dies • drilling tools • dust • end mills • flat stock • floor sweeps
• form cutters • grinding heads • grinding sludge • grinding tools • gundrills • honing tools • indexable inserts • jet nozzles • knives • machine tools • micro drills • micro grain • micro tools • milling cutters • mining bits • morgan rolls • mud • nickel binder scrap • PCB & CBD drills • plates
• powders • projectiles • punches • reamers • rods • roofers • roughers • rounds • router bits • saw tips • saws • shanks • shim seats • slurry
• soft scrap • special cutting tools • step drills • step reamers • studs • swarf • taps • thread mills • threading and grooving tools • tubing • WC
• WCCO • wear parts

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