Scrap Metal Recycling


We all have heard about recycling. We typically divide our metal, glass and paper and take the containers to the curbside once a week. Recycling is basically making the old into new again.

Aluminum and steel are the most recycled metals in the United States. Aluminum can be reprocessed indefinitely without changing its chemical make-up. When making steel from iron ore large quantities of coal, water, energy and resulting air emissions are created. By reusing the steel you can reduce the environmentally toxic emissions and it is easier to create steel from recycled materials because the impurities are already removed.

The amount of energy saved by recycling steel is 62-84%, copper 87%, Zinc 63% and Lead 60% per the statistics from the British Metals Recycling Association. This makes recycling of these products economically feasible because is costs much less to use the recycled materials than it costs to produce the same metal of mined ores.